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Let's light your steps to Import

We pave the way of Import from ASIA or any other country a Chaotic path! We Strive to save you time & money.

Smooth all the Way!

Our local teams take care of your business through LOCAL INTELLIGENCE!

WELCOME to Eastmark (Asia) Ltd.

A team of experienced professionals, based in major cities around the globe - Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Brazil that are essential to our business. Communication and operation are handled by our cross-cultural teams, in different time zones, applying their local languages skills, for the best results, particularly during challenging situations that can incur.

Welcome to Eastmark


We are an international trading company specializing in import and export facilitation, product sourcing, B2B negotiations as well as delivery services of products from Asia to any country.

All-round Import/Export

Eastmark services cover all import / export operations and procedures. We do product sourcing all over Asia for you, consolidate and send them in your facilities around the globe.

Professional Hub

Our team includes business development experts, product managers, technical specialists and operations managers. We combine our expertise to guide you in every step – from sourcing right products, to negotiating favourable business terms on your behalf, ensuring the suppliers understand your requirements and monitoring production and delivery process.

Customer Services

We provide you with periodic and timely updates to ensure you have an easy and thorough view of order status. With experience in both, ports of departure and arrival and their particular requirements, we strive to ensure every major and minor detail is fulfilled for ensure a smooth delivery of your goods at the final destination.

Supplier Sourcing

We support the sourcing process by evaluating the best suppliers from different countries and regions with capacities to supply large volumes of products at competitive prices. We negotiate the terms of sale and delivery and facilitate the payment process.

Supplier Due Diligence

As part of the supplier due diligence process, we arrange for samples to be available for your review and on-site factory visits, a key to supplier selection. Background check of references from suppliers. Respective inspection reports are provided by us as required.

Vendor Management

We keep in constant communication with suppliers to monitor the production status and delivery readiness. We manage all information, documents and schedules necessary for the order fulfilment.

Production Monitoring

We assists you during end-to-end order process to make sure the supplier delivers the right products. We also monitor product quality and production schedule closely to ensure an on-time delivery.

Product Quality Control

We assist you in evaluating product quality, keeping you well-informed with basic tests, pictures, videos and samples. Our product experts are well experienced and provide sound reviews and recommendations.

Logistic coordination

We support the sourcing and liaise with reputable logistic partners, negotiate the freight rates, and vessel space during peak seasons. We also serve as single interface with logistic partners for booking freight space, goods delivery and processing import & export documentation.

Recent Achievements

Loyal customers that place repeat orders with us are our level of customer satisfaction. Highlights from some of our recent projects that have been endorsed by our customers.

Mask of protection

Covid-19 Pandemic Related Products

Out of size Machinery

Heavy Transports

Full loaded Container

Loading Optimization

Electronics components


Plastic Hips

Row Material

Non-woven-Felt Fabric or other

Row Material


"It’s all in the Details"
We represent you all the way thru our on-site intelligence to ensure a successful project completion.

Powerful Online admin.

We strive for efficiency! A comprehensive ONLINE platform is used to facilitate our international businesses.

Project Management

We designate, from Eastmark staff, a proximal interface to serve as your single contact point for timely communication, with the rest of the team all over the globe as back up.

Fast processing

Time is the essence and a key driver to success, in the implementation of new products. We process any requirments as fast as possible. So you may receive the quickest information to select the ones with promising future!


Eastmark has established and maintains close relationships with a vast number of stakeholders, that includes suppliers, logistics partners, authorities and …. This ensures efficient processes throughout the negotiations and project fulfilment phases.

After Shipment

Products at hand are just the beginning. Our aim is to continuously improve our sourcing capabilities by evaluating new suppliers.


We produce documentation filled in all details and knowledge of the complex ways of administration, which is a master key to success.

Let's Figure what is the best for you!

Our team will always analize all, to make the best deal for our customer.

Our Job


We have the pleasure to present you, the principal members of our team!.

Yves Bolkaerts


Expat from Belgium with over 35 years experiences in the Import/Export/Sourcing business, in which 20 years in depth exposure in Brazil. Based in Hong Kong responsible for business strategy.

Kris Tse

Assitant of Direction

Kris has over 20 years experience in project management and operation with clients from start-up enterprises to Global 500 companies. She oversees the end-to-end fulfilment process to ensure a smooth order delivery.

Eliane Nascimento

International Business Consultant

Eliane is headquartered in Brazil and responsible for business development. With 22 years of experience in international trade, she has a broad knowledge of Brazilian import/export legislation and other countries.

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The happiest moment of the day is when we receive your message. Please feel free to ask anything and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

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EASTMARK (Asia) Limited.
6/D, Brilliance Court
3 Discovery Bay Road
Hillgrove Village, New Territories
愉景灣道3號康慧台- 康和閣6樓D室

   : +852 5131-2244
: eastmark@eastmark.hk
EASTMARK (Asia) Limited.
Brazilian Office:

Eliane Nascimento.

   : +55 (35) 99856-2122
: salesbr@eastmark.hk